Our Profile

STUDIO12 ARCHITECTS is an integrated design, conceptualizing and execution based company. We are an ever developing business whose goals are to respond effectively to the local, national and global needs of the clients and to deliver business decisions. We aim to set best practice wherever we operate, continuously improving our performance and exceeding client’s expectations. We seek to attract and develop the best people, as the key to delivering a superior client service. We add further thesis statement about technology value to individual talent by working in terms, across an office, so the optimum resources are always brought to bear on client’s problems. STUDIO12 ARCHITECTS is a consortium of young promising architects and engineers with innovative ideas. The strength of our firm lies in the motto

“Make your dreams come true by making the dreams of your client come true”

Studio12 Architects is truly independent and client focused. All our staff in the organization, which has formed Studio12 Architects from entry operators to the managing director, is encouraged to interact with our colleagues to exchange best practice solution for our clients. The head office of the Studio12 Architects is located at Ludhiana (Punjab) India.


STUDIO12 ARCHITECTS brings together experienced, talented individual to work as part of a team. Operating ability across boundaries, with a broad range of clients, our professional skills are constantly tested in new and developing areas. The team is multi disciplinary which combines traditional presentation expertise with the experience of designers in field of architecture, interior artists and market analysts among others. Our team work is close liaison with the client, its business associates and others. We work to deliver chiefessays.net a product of international standards, with long term benefits for the client. Our clients include industrialists, designers, corporate house, government concerns etc. We are multi faced company with interest in various design based fields take full advantage of that, and utilize all our design aspect to give the best to client, which truly stands out not only aesthetically but also functionally.