Euthanasia debate revived in saffron

Euthanasia debate revived in saffron

Dr. A. B. Bhattacharya and Dr. K. Ramesh.

1. “Why we should refrain from euthanasia”, by Dr. A.B. Bhattacharya. (Source: Facebook page).

2. “Kathapathi Bhartiyalaya, Bhopal, April 26, 2016-

What was her legacy? How we have lived since the last debate at Karoli?”, by Gopal Sivanandam. (Source: Facebook page)

The discussion started with Dr. A. Bhattacharya, secretary general of Karnataka Lokayukta, who has been active in the “Nayanath Bheem” movement in recent years with the objective of introducing the right of choice for people to end their own lives.

Dr. Bhattacharya said, “A good example is a doctor, S. Ramakrishna Swami from Karoli, who in 2008, had passed away after more than 15 years in the state government hospital after suffering from severe kidney failure and nephrotic syndrome after his son took the fatal dosage of a drug which, despite not being approved by Health Minister K Gopal Rao, was prescribed by the health department of Kalyan state. As S. Ramakrishna, one of the 카지노 사이트largest physicians in Karoli, was not allowed to practice his practice till he was found to be dying, he chose to die on himself by setting fire to himself at his house in a fit of anger. “The Karnataka Chief Minister and the Minister of Health then ordered a state inquiry into the treatment which was not followed up due to the lack of clarity.

As the inquiry continued, one doctor after another came forward with detailed stories of how it had been mismanaged. The CM, however, claimed that it was the responsibility of the health department and had no authority to take decisions concerning treatment and drugs to be taken by patients. The investi바카라사이트gation had failed to establish the truth of this. The CM later resigned, but there was no follow up.”

He said that he was happy to hear that doctors from other states are now starting to follow the example set by him. “It is a pit바카라사이트y that the truth that we must live with the possibility of death should be overlooked in the State of Karnataka. After a lot of consideration, I have decided to hold this debate at Karoli to raise awareness on an issue that affects everyone, not just doctor